A new Holly Tree in 2016 For Stonefield Square

Stone in Bloom volunteers have been busy bees over the last few months. The River Trent Bridge was cleared of weeds and litter and now looks immaculate. Stonefield Square was dug over and weeded and the daffodil bulbs we planted last year have already started to pop up.  The very old and beautiful holly tree in the square massacred by over enthusiastic workmen is shooting from the bottom but looks very sad. The group took full advantage of Geoff Collier’s absence at the last meeting when we all decided to put forward his name to sponsor the replacement of the holly tree, he has very kindly agreed and he and his wife Cathy are off to find a suitable replacement!

Many residents still have the perception that Stone in Bloom is council run which we are most definitely not! To help towards changing that belief we changed venue for our meeting and met at the Borehole, the very formal feeling of the meetings disappeared and became more relaxed and dare I say much more productive. It ran like a well oiled machine (maybe it was the Lymestone brew, who knows?). Many decisions were taken and one of the more exciting items agreed was that we would create another wildflower area at the top of Abbey Street, sadly the decision to meet at the Borehole was scuppered when one of our members couldn’t get up the stairs, so back to the chamber for future (dry) meetings!


A group of us visited Kidsgrove train station and met one of the station volunteers who are responsible for winning so many awards for their work there. We have often discussed what our group could and couldn’t do on Stone train station as health and safety rules are understandably so rigid. We left kidsgrove with so many ideas for Stone station and our team are looking forward to implementing them and improving the station for rail users. Big thanks go to our friend, retired Alleyne’s teacher and Stone resident Jon Heal, who made the contacts for us.

Its good news for the pear trees we planted on the amphitheatre as we thought the trees had died, we have it on expert advice all is not lost it will soon be spring and already buds are out!

The same goes for the wildflowers as it costs us nearly £2,000 to sow the seven areas. Although there are a few very kind people who help us anonymously to fund the seeds, there is still a shortfall of funds.

To donate to Stone in Bloom or volunteer call Chairman Jill Hood 077364 13097 or Secretary Tracey Neagus on 07545 780935  OR

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